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19.00 Euro plus postage
edition of 400 + 40 copies (numbered and signed,
with original photograph by T. Berresheim: 149,00 Euro)

distribution: www.a-musik.com

After numerous releases with the artist Jonathan Meese, „No time left“ is
finally the first solo album by the artist and musician Tim Berresheim (Cologne).
Besides last year’s 7“ on Meeuw Muzak it is also the first release that doesn’t
appear on his own New Amerika imprint, but on Eventuell – a label which is specialised in artists’ records and produced a collaboration between
Raymond Pettibon, Otomo Yoshihide
and Blank last year.

„No time left“ is an impressive proof of Berresheim’s musical skills, both as
multi-instrumentalist, programmer and composer. The four tracks on this LP
are carefully constructed mixtures of wonderful guitar- and basslines,
atmospheric synth-layers, dubby electronic music and unorthodox samples.
Although very eclectical in its wide range of sounds and elements, the
recordings are characterized by a coherent mood. If you can imagine a
hybrid of Nurse with wound, early Residents and Tom Recchion, you’re
probably quite near to what can be heard on this great record.

The four instrumentals correspond with four large, modified black-and-white
photographs by Tim Berresheim which are fully reproduced on four sides of
the stunning extra-large gatefold-cover in the form of a triptych. An impressive
artists’ record which comes in a limited edition of 400 copies plus an special
edition of 40 numbered and signed copies which includes an original photograph
(40 different works) on cardboard with gold stamping.


19.00 Euro plus postage
edition of 400 + 40 copies
(edition sold out at source)

A radioplay by Oliver Augst/Christoph Korn

voices: Oliver Augst, Rüdiger Carl, Christoph Korn, Raymond Pettibon
instruments: Oliver Augst: mixer / Rüdiger Carl: accordion, clarinet, keyboard,
claviola / Christoph Korn: guitar, melodica / Otomo Yoshihide: turntables, sampling
cover design: Raymond Pettibon

"Based on the writings of such 1920s revolutionaries as solialist writer Bruno Schönlank and anti-fascist author/playwright Ernst Toller, artist and musician
Raymond Petttibon (best remembered for the cover art for Sonic Youth's Goo)
pays personal tribute to their work with the help of Oliver Augst, Rüdiger Carl,
Christoph Korn an Otomo Yoshihide. Mostly, this is a warm and affectionate
personal project that captures the atmosphere of that politically turbulent
period before the Third Reich silenced dissenting voices in Germany…
Musically Pettibon's delivery owes much to Jandek, as he drawls laconically
over a loosely strummed guitar. But things pick up on Schönlank's "Hipp Hopp",
where he is joined on turntables and sampling by Yoshihide for about of
noisemaking that allows for a more contemporary edge. The album is
punctuated with orginal recordings of Schönlank, Willi Leow and Bertolt
Brecht, which transport you back to the beating heart of the revolution."
(Edwin Pouncey, The Wire 08/05)

"Die Frankfurter Musiker, Komponisten und Produzenten Oliver Augst und
Christoph Korn arbeiten sich seit Jahren an dem Liegut der deutschen Arbeiter-
bewegung ab, immer wieder kommen sie in ihren Hörspielen, Song-Zyklen oder Improvisationen auf Hanns Eisler zurück, auf Bertolt Brecht oder Ernst Busch.
Augst und Korn sind keine Altvorderen, sondern durch Punk, Techno und Free Jazz sozialisiert, dementsprechend radikal sind ihre Stücke, die sie nicht zuletzt
als Trauerarbeit verstehen: Es war einmal einen deutsche Arbeiterbewegung ...
Für das Hörspiel "Long Live the People of the Revolution" haben sie sich vor
allem auf die Arbeiterchöre des kaum noch bekannten Schriftstellers Bruno
Schönlank jr. (1891–1965) bezogen und sie sehr frei adaptiert. Denn Augst
und Korn sind zwar strenge Konzeptionalisten, aber mit den ins Boot geholten
Kollegen Otomo Yoshihide, Rüdiger Carl und Raymond Pettibon haben sie sich
einem hohen, tja, Unsicherheitsfaktor ausgeliefert. Denn Yoshihide, Carl und
Pettibon sind Improvisatoren, die das starre, eindeutige historische Material
(die Stücke heißen u.a.: "Der Tag des Proletariats", "Die Rote Fahne", "Pack zu gewaltige Faust") permanent brechen, es unterspülen oder aber in äußerst
zarte Klangbänder wickeln. Vor allem Raymond Pettibon, ein alter Punk,
heute ein Superstar des Kunstbetriebs (Pettibon hat auch die Coverart
beigesteuert), erweist sich als im besten Sinne unberechenbar – und doch
immer sensibel. Wenn er die Parole "Long Live the People of the Revolution"
deklamiert und sich offentsichtlich nicht entscheiden kann oder will, ob er sie
wispern, wimmern, herauspressen oder einfach klar aufsagen soll, dann ist das
sehr berührend."
(Felix Klopotek, Stadtrevue 08/05)


EVTL04 / 7"
7 Euro (plus postage)
Limited to 440 copies

"From Cologne (more or less), Institut Für Feinmotorik are a well-known
turntable-laden quintet whose music exists about as far from that genre's
standard tropes as is possible. "Original/Fälschung" is a percussive assemblage more than anything else. It is based on rhythms, yeah, but the propulsion and
the decay of the notes that appear have a quality as organic as Cage's prepared
piano pieces. The source material is impossible to peg, and its presentation is
immaculate - thudding stringlike blops are used at the compositional spine, and
they are hung with things that sounds like weird sampler sequences of plates being whirled atop thin sticks by skinny guys with bow ties and moustaches.
Other moments have the feel of some of the Residents late 1970s instrumental
passages, which is probably about 10,000 miles from what these guys had in
mind, but it sounds pretty great anyway."
(Byron Coley, The Wire 08/05)



19.00 Euro (plus postage)
edition of 400 copies
+ 40 copies (numbered and signed by Tobias Rehberger: 99,00 €)

DUDEN is the third release record of the Frankfurt–based free improvisation
BLANK (Rüdiger Carl, Oliver Augst and Christoph Korn) after their CDs
on FMP and GROB – their first release on vinyl, with 240 locked grooves
composed and played by themselves, comes with stunning artwork on extra thick cover by Tobias Rehberger (also Frankfurt).

is not only a very special recording, but an instrument in itself for
BLANK will use the locked grooves to perform live with three recordplayers
instead of their usual instruments – a genuine mixture between turntablism
and improvised music.

>>> Artikel: Standleitung ins Unendliche
(Hans-Jürgen Linke, Frankfurter Rundschau)

Santa Fé live im Raumschiff Zitrone Berlin 13.09.2002

17.00 Euro (plus postage)
edition of 300 copies

Released on the occasion of the retrospective of legendary musician and visual
artist Sven-Åke Johansson (Berlin) at the exibition-space kontor in Cologne.
Santa Fé is his first release with Burkard Beins and his first release on vinyl since many years. The recording of this stunning duo in the grey area between
improv, new music and musique concrète took place on September 13th 2002
at Raumschiff Zitrone in Berlin.

The coverdrawing is by Sven-Åke Johansson, especially done for this recording.
Limited edition of 300 copies.


15.00 Euro (plus postage)
edition of 280 copies
+ 20 copies (numbered, signed with an original watercolour by
Andreas Heiszenberger: 149.00 €)

"A few months after his contribution ("I hate you") on Matthias Schaffhäusers
Warenkorb #4, the new Cologne-based label Eventuell is proud to present
the first longplayer of visual artist and electronic musician
from Nürnberg. Heiszenbergers concept of House might
remind of Jan Jelineks
Farben and Ekkehard Ehlers Betrieb, but is also
characterized by his refreshing DIY-approach, experimentalism and very own
humour and, its not only because of Heiszenbergers vocals that "Solokarriere"
will suit fans of Justus Köhncke or the new Kompakt Pop serie. Next to the electronic and dance tunes you'll find short, narrative interludes of soundpoetry and fieldrecordings together with his regular use of unusual samples,
"Solokarriere" defines a completely new way of compiling a longplayer in electronic music. The record comes in a very special gatefold-cover with sticker,
with paintings by Andreas Heiszenberger who also studied with German artist
and musician Albert Oehlen (Leiterwagen Records).
On the inside you'll find a documentation about his visual art work (many
coloured paintings and drawings) and a text by Wolfgang Brauneis (in german).

"Verflixt was für eine schöne Platte. Und die soll es nur 300 Mal geben. Es ist
schon eine Frechheit. Die Tracks von Andreas Herzensberger`s aufwendig
gemachtem Album "Solokarriere" sind so sweete klickende herzlich warme
Minimaltracks, dass man hinter jedem etwas spürt wie eine Szene in der etwas
aufgeblitzt ist, wie von selbst, ein Licht plötzlich Bedeutung hatte ohne dass es gefragt oder gefordert wurde und dabei alles so entspannt klingt als wäre nichts
einfacher als minimale Poptracks zu machen, die man nicht mehr aus dem Kopf bekommt, wie Flausen und den Willen irgendwie alles über sich hinwegfegen zu
lassen um einfach nur dabei zu sein, weil es gut so ist. Perfekte Platte."

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